Our Sponsors

The Center for Women and Wealth® (CW&W) is committed to engaging and supporting women as they create and manage wealth. We provide women with investment, planning and philanthropic resources derived from decades of experience through work with our private banking clients. The CW&W aims to cultivate a community, in person and online, where women can share experiences with each other and give advice to new generations of female leaders.

At Eastern Bank, being a good corporate partner is something we’ve done for the last two centuries. Philanthropists founded our company—the third mutual bank in the country—to provide people with equal access to a safe place to save and borrow money.  This commitment to community is seen today, through our active role in corporate social responsibility. Providing donations to over 1,600 organizations a year results in partnerships within the communities we serve.  Through these partnerships we are able to contribute to the health of neighborhoods in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.  Each partnership tells a different story.