New Member Spotlight: Tomiko Brown-Nagin

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Welcome, New Member: Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Dean, Harvard Radcliffe Institute Daniel P.S. Paul Professor of Constitutional Law, Harvard Law School Professor of History, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University!


Tomiko is a prize-winning author, legal scholar and historian, dean of Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute, and pathbreaking leader in higher education. Her groundbreaking book, Courage to Dissent, won six awards, including the Bancroft Prize in 2012. Her new book, The Civil Rights Queen: Constance Baker Motley and Struggles for Equality (Pantheon, 2022), has received rave reviews. Brown-Nagin has acquired discipline- and sector-spanning insights and experiences during her twenty-year career: she has testified before Congress about civil liberties, developed innovative educational programs, built strategic partnerships, cultivated varied constituencies, managed diverse professional teams, taught and advised hundreds of students, and as a lawyer, represented clients ranging from students seeking access to higher education and Fortune 500 companies defending business practices.


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