Jennifer Lerner: First Chief Decision Scientist for the U.S. Navy

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Member, Jennifer Lerner, was recently featured in an article in the Harvard Kennedy School Magazine for her appointment as the first Chief Decision Scientist for the U.S. Navy.


The article describes how “The role aims to refine how the Navy makes choices, integrating decision science (otherwise known as behavioral economics) into its calculus. Using her understanding of the cognitive, social, structural, and emotional factors that shape decision making, Lerner is working with the Navy’s top military officer, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral John Richardson. Together, they are seeking to improve ‘decision environments’ by modifying the way choices are structured and incorporating decision science into leadership training. At the same time, she is working with the Navy’s leadership to bring a more science-based approach to such longstanding behavioral challenges as eliminating discrimination in hiring and reducing sexual harassment and assault.”


Click here to read more about the impact Jennifer will bring to military decision-making in this new role.


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