IWF/MA Members Named the Boston Business Journal’s 2021 Power 50: The Movement Makers

Left to right: (top row) Andrea Silbert, Colette Phillips, Sandy Edgerley (bottom row) Beth Chandler, Jane Steinmetz, Pam Everheart
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The Boston Business Journal named several IWF/MA members to their list of Movement Makers of 2021. These individuals in the Greater Boston business community are taking a stand, creating change, and taking actionable steps to work together to make Boston continue to grow as a place for equity, inclusion and diverse points of view.


Congratulations to the following IWF/MA Members:

  • Beth Chandler
  • Sandy Edgerly
  • Pam Everhart
  • Colette Phillips
  • Andrea Silbert
  • Jane Steinmetz


Read the complete list here.


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