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July 2021

Priscilla Douglas Joins American Repertory Theater’s Board of Trustees

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Priscilla Douglas was just announced as a new member of the Board of Trustees at Harvard University’s American Repertory Theater. The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) at Harvard University is a leading force in the American theater, producing groundbreaking work that is driven by risk-taking and passionate inquiry. Priscilla was among six new Trustees and five new Advisors who joined the theater’s respective boards during the 2020/21 Season.


“I’m thrilled to welcome these A.R.T. champions to our Boards of Trustees and Advisors and grateful for the wisdom, diverse expertise, and commitment they bring to the institution in this pivotal moment of transformation and visioning,” said Board of Trustees Chair Andrew Ory.


Rosemarie Day’s Day Health Strategies Celebrates 11 Years

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This year, Day Health Strategies celebrated 11 years in business. Founder and CEO, Rosemarie Day said, “The pandemic has made our firm stronger. We have re-dedicated ourselves to our core values, including health equity and organizational transformation. One of our most significant projects has been working with the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers to develop and roll out a playbook for the Covid-19 vaccine in underserved communities this past spring. This document is a testament to the hard work and collaboration of so many people to help end this pandemic.  It’s also a successful model that we can bring to other projects and clients.”

Song Composed in Honor of Paula Johnson

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South Shore Conservatory recently announced Nkeiru Okoye as the composer-in-residence for its new SSC Transform initiative, which uses music education as a vehicle to promote social awareness and social justice. Okoye wrote the piece “Grayce and Sickle” as a tribute to Dr. Paula Johnson, MWF member and president of Wellesley College. “An academic and cardiologist, Johnson has a special interest in the research of the correlation between genetics and medicine. The title of the work is derived from Grayce, Johnson’s mother who encouraged and nurtured her, and sickle cell disease, a genetic blood disorder that impacts many people of African descent.” To read more about the song and concert click here.

Heidi Wyle’s Venti Technologies Announces $8 Million in Funding

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Venti Technologies, founded by MWF Member Heidi Wyle, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, recently announced $8 Million in funding to continue scaling the companies, autonomous mobility for logistics, supply chain and transportation markets. Read more on the company’s website:

Peggy Jablonski’s Camino Way Walks Highlighted in Cape Cod Times

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Member Peggy Jablonski was highlighted in the Cape Cod Times for her five walking tours that focus on local history and connecting the past to current issues. The walks cover topics everywhere from sea captains and the economy of slavery in Cape Cod to the Wampanoag experience of the Mayflower landing. Click here to read more about her journey to learn this history and in crafting the tours.


New Member Spotlight: Lesli Suggs

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Welcome, New Member: Lesli Suggs, President and CEO, The Home for Little Wanderers!


Lesli has devoted her career to child welfare and has been a tireless advocate for vulnerable children and families. Her work is driven by her belief that all children have the potential to live a productive and fulfilling life if given the resources and opportunities.